Shipping Details

Shipping Details and Information

Currently we ship to continental United States only. a flat rate of $3.49 is applied when shipping coffee only. 

Prepared packages are nicely organized for your pleasure; therefore they take more space and have larger dimensions. If a package is to be shipped as shown in the pictures the fee will be different form the flat fee mentioned above. If the content of the package is shipped in a box, the flat fee may be applicable. 

We’re working with different shipping companies to make the shipping cost minimal to absent. Meanwhile we’ll do everything possible to  guarantee your satisfaction.

*** All Deliveries to Tampa bay Area, FL are FREE.

Our Company

We do it all ourselves. Choosing the right coffee beans, roasting, picking and cleaning the perfect spices, mixing, filtering, packaging and shipping or delivering. We’re hands on from A to Z and we guarantee you get the same Café Arbee quality we use for ourselves.    

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Café Arbee brings you history, culture and unique taste.

It not about the beverage, It’s about the experience.